Maharashtra Sadan to Celebrate Odisha Food Festival

Connoisseurs will get a special treat to relish Chena Tarkari, Dahi Chala, Udia Bhaat, Chakuli Pitha and many other varieties of Oriya Cuisine. As a part of National Integration, under the concept of ‘Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat’, Odisha Food Festival has been organized on December 5, 2017, at Maharashtra Sadan, situated at Kasturba Gandhi Marg.

The ‘Ek Bharat Shreshta Bharat’ scheme implemented by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s is being implemented by the Department of Cultural Affairs, Government of India. This initiative will bring greater contact and mutual understanding of the cultural ethos of both the States. It would also help to strengthen relations through cultural exchange by building a greater bonding through cultural relations. This program is being implemented in states and 7 Union Territories. Various programs are also being implemented in various Bhavans in the National Capital.


To celebrate the cultural vibrancy of India, the Maharashtra Bhawan and Odisha Bhawan will celebrate and exchange their culture and cuisine of Maharashtra and Odisha by organizing Food Festival at Maharashtra Sadan on December 5, 2017. While the Maharashtra Food Festival has already been celebrated at Odisha Bhawan on November 21, the Odisha Food Festival will be celebrated in the afternoon at Kasturba Gandhi Marg. The relishing Oriyan delicacies would include Chena Tarkari, Ghanta Tarkari, Tomato Khatta, Dahi Chala, Udia Bhat, Chakuli Pitha, Dalma, Badichura with Chicken Curry, Fish Besra and Non Vegetarian Cuisine and Chenna poda and Rasogulla Desserts.


The festival will be inaugurated by the Resident Commissioners of the both Sadans in the presence of senior officers and dignitaries.  A special treat for the food connoisseurs’..

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